Catalpa Underwriting Ltd.

Established in 2013, Catalpa Underwriting Ltd is a new underwriting agency specialising in Liability and Commercial Motor business. We provide our products through a select number of independent brokers throughout the Republic of Ireland.

Catalpa Underwriting Ltd is based around providing an efficient service to our customers in a speedy manner using custom built I.T. systems. We take a flexible approach to our clients’ needs and provide a high level of service to our broker partners by giving direct access to our underwriters.

What is a Catalpa?

The Catalpa (or Catawba tree) is a deciduous tree with large leaves. They typically grow tall and wide, offering shade, shelter and protection. It is fast growing with an extensive root system that is valuable when planted on land that is subject to landslides or erosion, due to its stabilising qualities.

When details of Catalpa bignonioides were first recorded in the south east of the United States, the botanist who did so wanted to name the genus after the local native American tribe. His transcription of their name, Catawba, was incorrectly recorded as Catalpa and the tree is now also known as the Southern Catalpa.

The oldest living Catalpa bignonioides tree is in the town of Reading in the United Kingdom. It is estimated to be 150 years old.

Catalpa Underwriting Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Registered office: Office 3, First Floor, Howley Square, Oranmore, Galway, H91XN5N.

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